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Welcome to Oath Sworn!
Oath Sworn is a casual raiding guild on the Thorium Brotherhood server with RP and PVP mixed in for good measure. We are a laid back group of friends helping each other to reach our full potential.
Other Guild News

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Masuki, Sep 25, 12 8:59 AM.

Beth'tilac Defeated

Masuki, Dec 2, 11 12:20 AM.
After an epic battle, I have single-handedly defeated Beth'tilac!

I mean... it was...

I sorta...

Maybe there were other people there...

Ah, here they are!

Great job! A+++++! Would do business again!

First Firelands Boss Defeated

Masuki, Oct 28, 11 12:37 PM.

Tier 11 Raids Cleared

Masuki, Oct 22, 11 4:39 PM.

Bastion of Twilight Cleared

Masuki, Oct 15, 11 2:24 AM.

Chimaeron Achievement

Three New Victories in Bastion of Twilight

Masuki, Sep 18, 11 3:30 PM.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Valiona & Theralion

Ascendant Council

Old Achievements

10  Man Obsidian Sanctum 1/28/09

OS Progression
Naxxramas: 15/15
Obsidian Sanctum: 4/4
Malygos: 1/1
Ulduar: 9/14
Trial of the Crusader: 5/5
Onyxia: 1/1
Icecrown Citadel: 12/12
Ruby Sanctum: 4/4
Baradin Hold: 1/2
Blackwing Descent: 6/6
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4
Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2
Firelands: 2/7
Server Status
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